Positive Songs For Negative People Deluxe CD
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Positive Songs For Negative People Deluxe CD

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Track Listing:
1. The Angel Islington
2. Get Better
3. The Next Storm
4. The Opening Act Of Spring
5. Glorious You
6. Mittens
7. Out Of Breath
8. Demons
9. Josephine
10. Love Forty Down
11. Silent Key
12. Song For Josh
13. The Angel Islington (Acoustic)
14. Get Better (Acoustic)
15. The Next Storm (Acoustic)
16. The Opening Act Of Spring (Acoustic)
17. Glorious You (Acoustic)
18. Mittens (Acoustic)
19. Out Of Breath (Acoustic)
20. Demons (Acoustic)
21. Josephine (Acoustic)
22. Love Forty Down (Acoustic)
23. Silent Key (Acoustic)
24. Song For Josh (Acoustic)

Item will ship on or around August 5, 2015. Item #: BGCDFQ04
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Anna (10/2/2015)
http://wp.me/p4N9N0-1Cy Here is my review From myblog Cant wait to see Frank Turner live soon again in PDX best wishes tkbmusic444
Glennous (10/1/2015)
Frank and the boys are wonderful musicians. While not my favorite of their albums, it does have some beautiful highlights. The Next Storm is the first single and is deserved of such; it's catchy while still being poignant. Song For Josh is a haunting ballad lamenting the loss of a brother-in-arms of the Frank Turner Army, a close friend of Franks. I recommend picking up this album (as well as all of his others!) to see how a band that has done years of touring, takes their craft and churns out another great album.
Scott (10/1/2015)
Awesome album by an amazing artist. The end.
Tommy T (10/1/2015)
Great product, delivered on time and in great condition. And, of course, the music is fantastic.
Karen Caprio Flynn (10/1/2015)
Enjoyed the CD very much. I pre-ordered and it arrived just when they said it would! I also pre-ordered Frank's book with autograph copy for my daughter Katie Flynn and that too arrived on time. Frank's book is terrific. I just attended his show at Irving Plaza NYC. Frank sang alot of his new songs and mixed it up with some oldies. A fun night as usual.
Phil (10/31/2015)
I love every song Frank has ever recorded, even the ones I love a little less than the others. PSFNP has some great moments and some that don't connect with me as much just yet. That said, I'm still "discovering" songs I've heard dozens of times before, so I'm sure that PS will eventually rise (IMO) to the same level as the rest of the catalog. It's great watching FT try new sounds and write about new ideas; we would all be bored if each album was the same as the last. And I must admit that some of the PS songs that don't resonate with me on the CD really sound great in concert. I have the Deluxe CD, which includes a second disc of acoustic versions of all of the songs except The Angel Islington and Song For Josh (which are already acoustic). More than being just acoustic, these are all recordings by Frank and his guitar alone, without support or a lot of production. In some cases, the personal, intimate take on the acoustic songs gives a new meaning to the music, and I live some of these versions even more. In some cases, such as Demons, the emotion is entirely different: much more positive on the "main" recording, and a bit cynical when played more slowly and simply. The bottom line is: if you're an FT devotee, you have to have the Deluxe version (and you probably already do). If you're new to FT, get it and enjoy both versions of these songs.